Building, Housing, and Construction


The City of Mt. Washington Building Code Department is responsible for review, inspection and approval for all construction projects within the City of Mt. Washington using the Kentucky Building Code or the Kentucky Residential Code in conjunction with all referenced codes and standards.


The City of Mt. Washington requires all permits to be obtained before any construction.

All plumbing and elevator, institutional buildings, facilities required to be licensed by the State (daycare, hospitals, nursing homes, etc), and industrialized buildings with occupant load over 100 persons and 20,000 square feet are to be inspected and approved by the STATE OF KENTUCKY DEPARTMENT OF HOUSING, BUILDING AND CONSTRUCTION.


Building Official: Anthony Branham
Residential Building/Electrical/HVAC Inspector: Don Coffman
Storm water & drainage inspector: David Perry

obtaining a Residential Building Permit

Prior to obtaining a permit with the City of Mt. Washington, you must first contact Bullitt County Planning & Zoning to obtain Zoning Compliance, phone: 502-543-6832,

*Please see our forms page for all the needed applications, checklists, and guidance materials.  

· Once you have a permit from Planning and Zoning, we will need a copy of the Zoning Compliance Certificate that you receive from Bullitt County Planning & Zoning.

· Submit Building Permit & Encroachment Permit applications, along with scope of work, plans (electronic submittal preferred), signed, stamped, and dated survey by a KY Registered Land Surveyor if applicable (required for new single-family dwelling) and fees

· Encroachment Permits accompany all Building Permits except for a basement finish for single family dwelling

· For new single-family dwellings – water meter/sewer tap purchase is required at the time of purchase of building permits

· All Contractors & Subcontractors are required to have a current Business License with the City of Mt. Washington

· Certificate of Liability Insurance is required for Contractors & Subcontractors 

· Building Permits expire after twelve (12) months from the date of issuance, renewal is the same as the Building Permit fee.

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Building Official – Anthony Branham
Residential Building/Electrical/HVAC Inspector – Don Coffman
Permits –