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Frank Cornell Flying Field
Safety Guidelines: Aircraft shall be flown at or below 400 feet. All aircraft must remain within sight of the R/C operator and never be flown near other groups of people. R/C operators shall never fly under the influence. In case of emergency all aircraft shall be grounded immediately.

Allowable Aircraft and Restrictions: Only aircraft weighing 12lbs or under, battery powered, composed of at least 80% foam, balsa, or combination of the two with a medium sized airframe are allowed. EDF fan limitation of 90mm. Large scale aircraft, any aircraft using fuel or excessively loud aircraft is prohibited.

R/C Operator Requirements: Insurance is required for R/C operators at this flying field location. All R/C operators must be 18 years of age or if a minor accompanied by a parent or legal guardian 18 years of age or older. All R/C operators must register with FAA SUAS Regulations. R/C operators must read all rules for the flying field and abide by those rules or risk losing privileges to fly at this location. R/C operators must follow general flying field etiquette to maintain safety. If an R/C aircraft is being flown, prepared for flight or other situations where the aircraft is connected to a power source, the responsible party or the person listed as the primary operator on the permit must be with the aircraft while under power or being operated.

All R/C operators must meet the minimum standards for the safe operation of R/C Aircraft (SUAS) within the boundaries of the designated flying field.

Restricted items at flying field: No firearms or fireworks are allowed at the flying field. Bikes, skateboards, or other forms of wheeled transportation are not allowed in the flying field. No items are to be left overnight. Individuals are responsible for their property. Trash receptacles are for trash items only and individuals are not allowed to dispose of batteries or electronics at flying field.

In case of lost aircraft in a location other than the flying field, R/C operators are to follow the direction of local law enforcement to retrieve their aircraft.

Reporting and accident or R/C Aircraft related incident

  • In case of an emergency call 911
  • Washington Police: (502)538-8143
  • Washington Fire: (502)538-4222
  • Washington Parks Department: (502)538-0515

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