Mayor's Office

 Mayor - Copy                                    Mayor Stuart OwenAs a lifelong resident of this wonderful town, I have been fortunate to raise my family here and witness our community thrive. Prior to being mayor, I had a diverse background, having worked in construction development and proudly served as a police officer for over two decades. Owning a small business has added another layer of experience, which has helped me understand the needs of our community from various perspectives.

One of my top priorities is to address the pressing issue of traffic along Highway 44 by establishing a liaison with the state government to improve the conditions. We have already made progress by installing a new red light at Bogard Lane and creating a new turning lane at Bullitt East. Moving forward, I plan to explore and implement more options that best serve our community.

I am particularly excited about the potential for the restoration of old Bardstown Road. To achieve this, we need a well-thought-out strategic plan that promotes mixed-use opportunities. This will not only enhance the area's beauty but also attract businesses that complement the unique charm of our town. We have already started working on the new roundabout at Landis Lane, which will improve the traffic conditions and safety for our drivers.

My team is focused on promoting business growth and economic development. A strategic plan will guide us in ensuring that businesses enhance our environment rather than detract from it. Controlled development is key to preserving the character of Mt. Washington.

Public safety is a top priority for me as your mayor. Although we are fortunate to have low rates of violent crime, we must remain vigilant. The chief of police will continue working on implementing effective strategies to prevent and control non-violent crimes, thereby enhancing the overall quality of life for our community members.

I am excited about the journey ahead and look forward to working hand in hand with each of you to make Mt. Washington an even better place to call home. Together, we can build a brighter future for our community.